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Applying Advanced Technologies to the Investment Process

MAY 9-11, 2018          NEW ORLEANS, LA

Rob Hegarty chaired and moderated IdeaLabs, TraderForum’s annual look at how artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and advanced data visualization are revolutionizing the investment process. TraderForum’s buy side head trader members will hear “elevator pitches” from a group of financial technology startups who are bringing these technologies to bear on trading, portfolio construction and research.

Reaping the Benefits of Technology Disruption

APRIL 22-25, 2018             BOCA RATON, FL

Rob Hegarty moderated a panel “Reaping the Benefits of Technology Disruption” at BNY/Eagle Engage 2018.  The panel addressed how to harness the vast amount of data coming at us every day, take advantage of the power of AI and Machine Learning, deploy practical uses of RPA, and how they're responding to the disruptive forces of emerging FinTech players.

Trends at the Intersection of Financial Markets, Technology, and Data

APRIL 6, 2018                                BOSTON, MA

Rob Hegarty presented "Trends at the Intersection of Financial Markets, Technology, and Data" to the Boston Asset Management CIO Roundtable.  The presentation and discussion covered the major trends defining the future of investment management, and how emerging technologies and the evolution of data are dramatically changing the industry.

Trader Forum: Structural Shifts in the FX Market

JANUARY 19, 2018                       MIAMI, FL

Rob Hegarty was a panelist on "Foreign Exchange: New Regulation, New Players, New Structure" at Institutional Investor's Trader Forum -- a  private association of Head Traders at the world's leading buy side firms. The panel debated how FX market participants are facing new waves of regulation, including the new code of conduct and MiFID II. 

  • How these  regulations  affected  trading  workflows  and 
  • How technology advances impact the future of FX trading...and where are the opportunities?

Buy Side Readiness for MiFID II

NOVEMBER 11, 2017                 BOSTON, MA

Rob Hegarty moderated a MiFID II panel at  Institutional Investor's Financial Technology Forum -- a large gathering of CIO's and CTO's from the leading investment management firms.  The panel discussed how and what buy side firms are doing in preparation for the looming January 3 deadline for MiFID II compliance. Two areas that present investment managers with the biggest compliance and operational challenges are payments for research and trade and transaction reporting.  

Financial Crime Convergence

OCTOBER 25, 2017                  BOSTON, MA

Rob Hegarty moderated the keynote panel at this dinner event hosted by Booz Allen Hamilton’s Financial Crimes group. Senior executives from throughout the Boston area AML, fraud, cyber and compliance communities came together to discuss the growing opportunities, threats and challenges related to the convergence of these domains in the asset management, wealth management, and other financial services sectors. 

Thought Leadership/In the news

Technology Disruption on the Buy Side

Read my views on how the buy side can turn the immense technological disruption occurring in their industry to their advantage.  Whether it’s harnessing the vast amount of structured, unstructured and alternative data coming at us every day, taking advantage of the power of AI and Machine Learning, deploying practical uses of RPA, or understanding and responding to the disruptive forces of block chain and emerging FinTech players, the investment industry is poised for change unlike any other time in its history. 

TrendSpotters - Podcast

Are you on top of FinTech trends that may affect your business?

Disruption, market shifts, and economic changes can cause a previously successful company to flat-line very quickly. You have to be constantly on the alert for changes in your market that will impact your business. You have to be ready and able to pivot in time.

Waters - From Data to Insights

Waters Reference Data Hegarty

 Efforts to gain greater insights from data by making it "more intelligent" as it is gathered, reconciled and analyzed continue to evolve in the financial services industry.  From the 22nd  annual ISITC Industry Forum in Boston.  

Tabb Forum - Exchange M&A (Video)

Rob Hegarty on how the change in ownership and governance at stock exchanges around the world is pushing them to seek new revenue streams   

FT - Equity Trading Volumes (Video)

Rob Hegarty on how equity volumes are set to record their first rise in five years. Robert Hegarty, global head of equities at Thomson Reuters, talks to Philip Stafford, FT Trading Room editor, about what this means.